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The fantasy MMO Flyff (short for “Fly for fun“) has its origin in Korea and gathers 6 million players in 13 countries who play the game in 10 different languages.


Flyff is a classic Online RPG with a focus on group play, where the various characters complement each other. An outstanding feature is the type of movement in Flyff: Players can fly after reaching level 20. In Version 17 of the game, the level cap has been raised to the present maximum of 150.

To advance in levels, you will do quests and kill mobs in Flyff, as usual in MMOs. In battle, melee combat, ranged combat or magic attacks are at your disposal, depending on the chosen class.


To become a truly outstanding player in the world of Flyff, you will need the currency Flyff Penya to afford the best equipment, weapons and much more. You can get your Flyff Penya fast and cheap at MMOGA. Show all of the other players what you are capable of – make sure to get your Flyff Penya now!